stripes & leopard?


When mixing patterns, it can get confusing. How do you avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark? Prints can be very simple. What I find easy is to mix colors not prints. The key is to mix prints that share a similar accent color. Doing so, keeps your look cohesive.

Stripes and leopard? It works and I love it! I don’t think of stripes as a pattern but a neutral. Other neutral patterns like; leopard and camouflaged, go well with anything. Pretty much any black and white patten will mix well with other patterns. Patterns such as; florals, polka dots, check pattern , and geometric prints. After you picked out your prints you need a neutral piece to balance out your outfit.

Mixing patterns is a fun style that is definitely worth experimenting with. Dress it up or down. Key thing is to have fun. Mix it Up!





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